NewCoal Trading Ltd is a privately owned medium-sized Swiss trading company, specialized in oil refinery products.
Our products are sourced from a refinery in Russia who has designated us as their exclusive distributor.
Our experience enables us to connect  our suppliers and clients to  financial solutions and puts us in the unique position where everyone, producers and end-users alike, can profit from the 20 years' experience and contacts, that our multilingual team  has  acquired in the international raw material business.
Benefit from our strong global network and the personal commitment of our team!

our values

NewCoal Trading Ltd leverages its many years' experience to benefit our business partners, shareholders and employees.
We use a risk management system to protect our shareholders, while creating business opportunities.
We hold high standards of corporate integrity and quality in everything we do.  
NewCoal Trading Ltd strongly believes in business transparency, economic, legal and ethical behaviour practices. We work with business partners who share this commitment.
We assume responsibility for our employees and ensure optimal working and social conditions.
We will achieve greater flexibility through lean structures, efficient use of human resources, the most modern IT Systems and consistent adaptation to meet the demands of the raw materials market.